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We reveal that Rorb expression exhibits an apical‐to‐basal gradient in cochleae. The cochlear‐specific and apical‐to‐basal‐gradient Rorb Cre activity should enable discrimination of gene functions in cochlear vs vestibular regions as well as low‐frequency vs high‐frequency regions in the cochlea. Meanwhile, cells in the basal meristem continue to divide and add to the spine. If cactus spines had apical meristems, their apex would be just soft parenchyma -- not a very effective deterrent. The structure to the right is the leaf (cacti do have leaves, but they are almost always just a few cells long). We reveal that Rorb expression exhibits an apical-to-basal gradient in cochleae.

Apical vs basal

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Cell Rep. 2015 Nov 10;13(6):1090-5. doi: 10.1016/j.celrep.2015.09.079. Epub 2015 Oct 29. Apical versus Basal Neurogenesis Directs Cortical Interneuron Subclass Fate. Apical versus basal crux VA is identified as a new category of idiopathic VA with distinctive electrocardiographic characteristics; ablation via the middle cardiac vein is effective for eliminating basal crux VA, whereas apical crux VA often requires a subxiphoid epicardial approach. The anatomical apical–basal terminology, unlike the zygotic polarity terms, cannot be used universally for the description of cell polarity because it necessitates continuous specification of the developmental stage and the position of the cell to know which cell side is meant. In addition, from the anatomical point of view, practical terms Basal (bottom) and apical (top) turns of a guinea pig cochlea.

grey for the basal third, darker distally and occasionally white-tipped; and long with short claws that do not extend beyond the apical pads of the forefeet, but  Switzerland, Engadin; 14-15.


the connective tissue layer the cell lives on. The apical side is the side that faces the opposite direction, usually Scheme of a plant (e.g. Arabidopsis) to indicate the apices (A) and bases (B) of its two principal vegetative organ systems: the root system (brown) and the shoot system (green).

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Following the association analyses, Q-Q (quantile-quantile) plots were constructed for each of the three models and compared to the results of a naïve model to select the most appropriate model for analysis. This was performed for apical (1 st quarter), mid (2 nd and 3 rd quarter) and basal (4 th quarter) branching. Apical Surface Vs Basal Surface. Apical And Basal Surface Of Epithelial Cells Articles & Shopping. Differences in Squamous Cell Carcinoma Vs. Basal Cell The base-to-apex gradients of longitudinal.

Basal means at the base or "at the point of attachment." Apical means "at the apex," or point (and the pointy end of the heart just happens to be the bottom). So they both refer to the bottom half of the heart, but as Lisa points out, they are used to refer to different walls. btw: I have apical HCM and am VERY symptomatic. Epithelial cells attach to a specialized kind of extracellular matrix called the basal lamina or basement membrane that separates epithelial cells from the underlying tissue. Epithelia cells are polarized with an apical surface that faces the lumen of a tube or the external environment and a basal surface that attaches to the basement membrane.
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Apical vs basal

We found that  The apical surface (apical membrane in a simple epithelium) faces the lumen ( inside Cells divide at the basal surface of the epithelium, and as new cells are   7 Oct 2008 Cite as: IUPAC. Compendium of Chemical Terminology, 2nd ed. (the "Gold Book" ). Compiled by A. D. McNaught and A. Wilkinson. Blackwell  16 Mar 2009 Cd and is prevalently localized in the basal leaves.

This cellular terminology is supported by the uniform position of polarity markers such as PIN1 in embryo, shoot and root tissues.
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Interestingly, tight junctions also inhibit diffusion of lipids in the plasma membrane but only those in the outer leaflet. 1995-07-14 · Clearly, apical cues are important in determining polarity in the Drosophila ectoderm. If apical polarization signals substitute for basal ones, then one might expect that other Drosophila epithelia that polarize in response to basal substratum interaction would not require crumbs.